Digital marketing is the mode of marketing that uses electronic devices like personal computers, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles to connect with stakeholders. Digital marketing uses platforms or technologies such as email, websites, applications classic & mobile & social networks. Various organizations today work on a unique blend of customary and digital marketing campaigns to achieve the goal. In fact, companies of big or small sizes in every industry are taking benefit of the services of digital marketing to get instant and proven results.

From Digital Nirav, Hire a digital marketing consultant and start enjoying the success of your business on an online platform. Being a digital marketing consultant, I will handle your digital marketing necessities with full devotion. I will ensure enhancing your company’s reputation and visibility online while working hard to take your business to newer levels of success.

Hire Digital Marketing Consultant Ahmedabad

5 advantages to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Traffic, Leads & Sales

Online marketing modes provide a good chance for most businesses to boost sales. I being a digital marketing consultant at all times has the backdrop & focus to boost traffic, sales & leads for your company.

Better Return on the Investment

Although hiring any marketing consultant or agency might appear like a huge original cost, but it is usually cheaper than hiring one or two people to look after your online-marketing requirements in-house. Moreover, I capable to provide you a noteworthy return by giving more leads, visitors & sales for your site with improved conversion rates that in turn will give big profits to you & your business.


If you appoint one or even more experts on online marketing as employees, then you will have to give them a quite large salary, as they have the expertise that is valuable and in demand. At Digital Nirav, you will definitely get an equal level of skills or even more superior skill level at a more reasonable price, thus, hire a digital marketing consultant from DigitalNirav will definitely prove out to be a profitable decision.


I have spent my money and time on tools like analytics, campaign management, and reporting software. All these are costly and developing them in your business requires a big investment. I use them for increasing your online existence so that to get improved ROI for overall marketing.

Improved Reputation

I will check your reputation online & work for improving it. I will notice what people say about the sites of social media regarding your business like Facebook and Twitter and also on review websites. From all these comments, I can assist you to employ the changes for improving the clients’ view regarding your business & take your business to a better position in the market.

What is the Cost of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

At some point, many firms are going to feel compelled to bring in an outside expert to augment their digital marketing efforts. There are plenty of digital marketing experts out there. However, a lot of smaller companies need to consider pricing, first and foremost. So, what exactly are you getting for your money, and how much should you expect to pay for a quality digital marketing consultant?

Basic facts about hiring a marketing consultant

The most basic fact about hiring a marketing consultant is this: you pay for skills and experience. The more years in the business and the more success stories a consultant has under their belt, the more they’ll charge.

The second important fact about pricing is that projects will either by priced per hour, or by the project. Per-hour pricing is self-explanatory; if a digital marketing consultant prices per project, they calculate how many hours they anticipate the project will take and then multiply by their per-hour rate.

In hiring a marketing consultant, as in almost all other areas, you can expect to get what you pay for. Seemingly high premiums might motivate a company to want to cut corners, but a firm’s marketing efforts deserve attention and care.

The cost of a marketing consultant and its services

There are typically two kinds of digital marketing agencies: those who do marketing services, and those that provide both services and strategy like Deepak KanakrajuTop Digital Marketer in India. Digital marketing services include such things as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, content marketing, reputation management, pay-per-click advertising, and a constellation of other individual services which will drive prospective customers to a website.

On the other hand, a company that does digital marketing strategy will craft a complete strategy for managing and expanding your firm’s online marketing efforts. This is a long-term project, which will obviously involve more labor time and strategizing than a service-only project.

Tips for getting the best value

You should expect to pay more money per hour for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy because creating a good strategy has a higher pay-off than simply enacting marketing without a strategy. Many smaller firms looking purely at costs tend to make the mistake of forgetting this. So be sure you understand the bigger picture and what you’re investing in before you sign the paperwork.

If you and your firm are still unsure of what a digital marketing agency can provide and should cost, please feel free to contact me today! The process of bringing in an outside expert can look opaque and intimidating at first, but I am happy to demystify the process. 🙂

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